26 February 2007


SHOW NOTES: Welcome to our seventh edition of the Cult TV Insider.

1 min 20 secs: ALL CHANGE AGAIN FOR THE CULT TV WEEKENDER. Bungling builders lead to Cult TV moving to Oxfordshire.

8 mins 30 secs: GUIDED TOUR OF HEYTHROP PARK. We lift the lid on how we go about choosing a new venue, and unearth the secrets of the new Cult TV venue for October. Find out how we ensure our attendee priorities are looked after as much as possible wherever we go. See the pictures at www.cult.tv.

22 mins 30 secs: TV THEMED MUSIC OF THE WEEK. Boxleitner play their track Television for us.

27 mins 42 secs: SUMMING UP THE NEW CULT TV HOME. Alex Geairns and Mark Withall summarise what to expect from the new venue for the Festival Weekender. Find out more about booking for Cult TV at www.cult.tv

32 mins 20 secs: UK DVD RELEASES IN MARCH – News on Hustle, Primeval, Big Breadwinner Hog and the ultimate collection for fans of Charmed.

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18 February 2007


SHOW NOTES: Welcome to our sixth edition of the Cult TV Insider.

1 min 00 secs: GOSSIP ON STAR TREK XI. When is the film going to be released, and who is going to be directing and starring?

2 mins 20 secs: INTERNATIONAL RATINGS NEWS. How Lost is doing in the UK and USA, and you’ll be surprised where it is a bigger hit! Plus Heroes continues to pummel the opposition.

6 mins 55 secs: NEW SERIES STATESIDE. An ex-Eastender to become the new Bionic Woman, a Nip/Tuck creator gets a big deal, plus the new version of The Hardy Boys.

15 mins 45 secs: TV THEMED MUSIC OF THE WEEK. Todd Learner plays Television Light for us.

18 mins 20 secs: WHAT’S WHAT TO WATCH. Mark Withall takes us through his trio of top telly of the week. See Mark's pictures of previous Cult TV events at www.cult.tv.

24 mins 20 secs: CULT TV FESTIVAL WEEKENDER NEWS – Two new celebrity guest announcements for our unmissable visit to a Stately Home in October. Find out more at www.cult.tv.

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11 February 2007



1 min 30 secs: WHEDON SHOWN THE DOOR ON WONDER WOMAN. The rumours were true, Joss has moved on from invisible planes and bullet-defying bracelets.

2mins 55 Secs: IS JJ DIRECTING THE NEXT STAR TREK? The mystery deepens as no-one’s sure if Mr Abrams is or isn’t.

3 mins 25 secs: SAAVIK TO PLAY DAWN FRENCH! - plus other American pilot news.

6 mins 10 secs: UK TV NEWS – Channel 4’s history of television and UK society, plus Who’s got a Life On Mars cast member?

7 mins 45 secs: STATESIDE TV NEWS – including what may conclude Season One of Heroes, who won the ratings when Lost went up against CSI:NY, and a former Lost gets a new cast member, and Star Trek’s Doomsday Machine gets a makeover.

14 mins 50 secs: TV THEMED MUSIC OF THE WEEK. Featuring The Jones Thing with the track “Saturday Morning TV Action Superstar”.

19 mins 20 secs: WHAT’S WHAT TO WATCH. Gozzy, the Cult TV Festival Weekender Workshop Director, gives his trio of unmissable Cult TV series, as well as discussing with Alex the debut of Primeval on ITV1. Tell Gozzy what Workshops you would like to see at the Festival Workshops by visiting the Forums at www.CultTV.info.

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04 February 2007



All the news and reviews any television appreciator will ever need! Content of the show this week as follows:

1 min 20 secs: STATESIDE TV NEWS – the trends in commissioning this year and news of the American version of Life on Mars.

10 mins 05 secs: WHEDON’S WONDER WOMAN UNDER PRESSURE – how come the studio in charge is buying a different script to that by Joss?

11mins 25 secs: TV THEMED MUSIC OF THE WEEK. We present hard rock roots music from TJR, this tune is called Peace, Love and Don’t Trust MTV.

17 mins 15 secs: TV WINNERS AT THE DGA. Who won what TV wise with the Directors Guild of America.

18 mins 10 secs: UK TV PREMIERES. A look at season ten of Seventh Heaven on Hallmark and the launch of Primeval on ITV1. Check out our forums at www.culttv.info .

21 mins 30 secs: DVD RELEASES IN FEBRUARY.
Reviews of season one of Special Branch and season two of Doctor In The House, plus news of other releases this month. Competitions can be found at www.cult.tv - let us know what you would like to see released on DVD by emailing insider@cult.tv .

Find all this by downloading our new show at: www.culttv.net/podcast/CTVInsider004_050207.mp3