28 January 2007



Welcome to our third edition of the Cult TV Insider.

1 min 20 secs: STATESIDE NEW TV SERIES. The Riches with Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver, plus Drive with Nathan Fillion from Firefly.

8mins 30 secs: WHAT’S WHAT TO WATCH. Mark Crick, the Logistics Director for the Cult TV Festival Weekender, gives us the lowdown on what he makes time for in his TV week. The Cult TV Forums can be found at www.culttv.info.

22 mins 10 secs: TAX BREAKS FOR BRITISH TELLY PRODUCTIONS? Will the deal for films to be made in the UK also have a benefit for television series too?

26 mins 10 secs: STATESIDE RATINGS. Who wins when Heroes goes up against 24, Stateside? The victor will surprise you.

28 mins 35 secs: TV THEMED MUSIC OF THE WEEK. Vanessa Peters and Ice Cream on Mondays play us a track “Little Films”.

33 mins 20 secs: CULT TV FESTIVAL WEEKENDER NEWS – A new DJ and the party themes for the three evening shindigs.

35 mins 55 secs: COMPETITION NEWS. You could win a DVD Box Set of “Return of The Saint” from Network DVD, if you can help us find Simon Templar’s original Jaguar XJS. See www.cult.tv for details

You can download this third issue via the following link:


21 January 2007



Settling in to our format, we get down to our standard half-hour running time, and have our first interview. We have something for everyone this time out, including stuff about Lost, 24 and Return of The Saint.

1 min 10 secs: IS LOST LOST? A network executive comes to the show’s defence.

2 mins 10 secs: GOLDEN GLOBES 2007 – the television-orientated awards results.

3 mins 55 secs: “24” RETURNS - on both sides of the Atlantic.


7 mins 30 secs: US PRODUCTION NEWS – including the Stateside adaption of The IT Crowd, an animated Smallville spinoff, and a new SF comedy called “Area 52”.

10 mins 50 secs: TV THEMED MUSIC OF THE WEEK. This time it’s “TV Dog” by Rock Down Baby.

14 mins 15 secs: WHAT’S WHAT TO WATCH. Katy gives us her choices of what she makes time for during her TV week.

23 mins 45 secs: WHAT’S COMING OUT FROM NETWORK – The inside track on the first quarter’s releases from this excellent DVD label, including “Return of the Saint”.

29 mins 10 secs: BOSTON LEGAL RETURNS.

31 mins 50 secs: CLOSING CREDITS.

Release Date of Podcast: 22 January 2007

This podcast can be found at www.culttv.net/podcast/CTVInsider220107.mp3

14 January 2007


We're ready to roll! The 50 minute double-episode first programme of CULT TV INSIDER has been completed.

As this is our "pilot", then it is nowhere near what the regular series will end up being - so, we're not making a big fuss about this issue, but we hope you'll enjoy it and find out something you didn't know already by listening in...

You can find it at the following location:



Here's your guide to what you can find in the first issue, which is a NEWS SPECIAL, due to the sheer volume of stuff that's happening at the moment, a few bits of which you may not have heard about.

1 min 30 secs: 2006 RATINGS IN REVIEW. Who were the big winners in last year's UK television ratings? There are some surprises in store as to which channels did well!

2 mins 50 secs: CULT TV FESTIVAL WEEKENDER. Hot news about a new date, and a new venue, and the details behind the decision.

9 mins 40 secs: WEEKENDER OFFERS FREE CLUB ROOMS. Got a fan club or group? Want somewhere to meet up with your fellow members? Here's something to take notice of!

11 mins 30 secs: HOW TO GET FURTHER INFORMATION ON THE CULT TV WEEKENDER. We're revving up for you attentions - find out how to get in touch!

12 mins 35 secs: NEW CHARITY CHOSEN FOR 2007. Who are Cult TV raising funds for this year?

15 mins 00 secs: HEROES PREVIEW. Just what is this new hot show about to screen on SCI FI in the UK all about?

19 mins 00 secs: COMING SOON TO THE UK - PART 1. Including Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip.

21 mins 40 secs: THE RETURN OF LOST. Only a couple of weeks to wait until the return of the series to UK screens.

24 mins 10 secs: NEW UK TV PROJECTS OF NOTE. Will it be the case of "The Brits Are Coming" in TV circles, too?

25 mins 05 secs: HIDDEN GEM OF THE WEEK. Which show gets our prize?

25 mins 45 secs: MID-TERM USA PILOT SEASON REPORT. Some of the programme ideas that are going into production inspected for signs of life!

34 mins 45 secs: OBSCENE GOSSIP. News of a former Buck Rogers, and a wrangles over the rights to Charlie's Angels involving Jonathan Hart himself!

38 mins 10 secs: COMING SOON TO THE UK - PART 2. News of The Dresden Files, and the return of RESCUE ME and BONES.

44 mins 15 secs: TV SONG OF THE WEEK. We seek out vaguely TV-related podsafe music from the internet - here's "Scott Bakula" by Sunspot.

48 mins 30 secs: CLOSING CREDITS - including our theme song by Alamantra.

Hope you enjoy it - feedback always appreciated!

05 January 2007


Okay, so you want to know who one of the hosts of CULT TV INSIDER is?

Well, of course, it has to be Alex J Geairns ... but here's some clues as to why he might seem so familiar...


03 January 2007


We get ever closer to recording - which is scheduled to happen this weekend - trialling all the equipment, getting things to work as they should and so forth. And then, well, we'll see...

There are a huge number of books out and about on podcasting, and a whole host of new ones scheduled for release in the next few months. It would seem that we really are on the cusp of something big which is taking off in a BIG way. The great thing is that no-one's doing it the way that we are aiming to, which means at least we will be unique.

Anyhow, having just finished a book on the whole cabooodle that really gives you all the content and follow-up details you'll ever need, we can recommend "Tricks of the Podcasting Masters by Robert Walch and Mur Lafferty. Essential and inspiring!

More to come, folks, watch this space....

02 January 2007


The possibilities that podcasting open up as a new way to keep in touch with Cult TV's supporters has just come into sharp focus. As Basil Fawlty would say, it was a case of missing the bleedin' obvious in terms of being able to relay all the latest news, pepper in some reviews of the latest TV as well as DVD releases, run a few prize competitions aside from those on our website, and give a little more background to the trials and tribulations of running a charity benefit convention in our spare time.

So, the infrastructure to make this happen is gradually being put into place. As the guide books tell us, we'll want to go softly-softly at the beginning, finding our feet, getting used to the technology, and building up to what should be an entirely new experience not only for us, but also for you, those loyal souls who have stuck by us in what some may call "interesting times".

At that point, we can then start all guns blazing as we make a difference to the internet landscape and hopefully enlist your help in spreading the word about what we hope will be an entertaining and novel addition to the likes of iTunes and countless other net directories out there.

And from what we can tell, we've got something different to shout about, something new to bring to the marketplace, and the right sort of knowledge and enthusiasm to make it have an impact.

So, keep watching out for more information!