18 February 2007


SHOW NOTES: Welcome to our sixth edition of the Cult TV Insider.

1 min 00 secs: GOSSIP ON STAR TREK XI. When is the film going to be released, and who is going to be directing and starring?

2 mins 20 secs: INTERNATIONAL RATINGS NEWS. How Lost is doing in the UK and USA, and you’ll be surprised where it is a bigger hit! Plus Heroes continues to pummel the opposition.

6 mins 55 secs: NEW SERIES STATESIDE. An ex-Eastender to become the new Bionic Woman, a Nip/Tuck creator gets a big deal, plus the new version of The Hardy Boys.

15 mins 45 secs: TV THEMED MUSIC OF THE WEEK. Todd Learner plays Television Light for us.

18 mins 20 secs: WHAT’S WHAT TO WATCH. Mark Withall takes us through his trio of top telly of the week. See Mark's pictures of previous Cult TV events at www.cult.tv.

24 mins 20 secs: CULT TV FESTIVAL WEEKENDER NEWS – Two new celebrity guest announcements for our unmissable visit to a Stately Home in October. Find out more at www.cult.tv.

You can download this sixth issue via the following link:


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