18 March 2007


SHOW NOTES: Welcome to our tenth edition of the Cult TV Insider.

1 min 00 secs: NEW USA TV PROJECT NEWS. Something new for David Duchovny, Eliza Dushku and Christina Applegate, a quartet of new Futurama straight-to-DVD movies, a possible new direction for Veronica Mars, and a new revamp of The Saint is on the horizon.

19 mins 10 secs: TV THEMED MUSIC OF THE WEEK. Stefani Stevens sings Picture This for us.

23 mins 45 secs: WHAT’S WHAT TO WATCH. Noted ornithologist Helen Baker takes us through her trio of top TV choices at the moment.

37 mins 55 secs: USA RATINGS NEWS. How The Riches, the brand new Eddie Izzard drama series, is doing Stateside.

39 mins 30 secs: CRAZY AMERICAN LITIGATION. The series Heroes goes into the dock, and Family Guy faces a lawsuit from a comedienne. Also, news of the next episode of Star Trek – New Voyages.

46 mins 50 secs. UK TV NEWS – Simon Cowell goes into drama, plus the first of your feedback to the Insider. Visit our forums to give your feedback at www.culttv.info.

You can download this tenth issue via the following link:


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