09 April 2007


SHOW NOTES: Welcome to our thirteenth edition of the Cult TV Insider.

1 min 00 secs: APPRECIATORS ROUNDTABLE – Part 1. Your host Alex J Geairns is joined by Stephen Brown, John Wilkinson, Lynn Simpson and Sarah Geairns to discuss the first two episodes of the new season of Doctor Who, as well as ask whether television is actually being dumbed down by television executives. For information on this year’s Cult TV Festival Weekender, visit www.cult.tv.

20 mins 00 secs: TV THEMED MUSIC OF THE WEEK. Comedy group SUDDEN DEATH play CGI for us – an ode to the lack of creativity that computer wizardry can become responsible for.

23 mins 50 secs: APPRECIATORS ROUNDTABLE – Part 2. Our pentagon of grumpy old fans consider extremism in television appreciation, and consider what event organisers can do to stop people getting the wrong idea about what it is to be a media fan.

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