19 May 2007


SHOW NOTES: Welcome to our sixteenth edition of the Cult TV Insider, a double-length special...

1 min 05 secs: AMERICAN TV NEWS - Loads of Brits and Aussies are getting starring roles in new American series coming this Autumn, including The Bionic Woman and The Sarah Connor Chronicles. We look at what ABC, CBS and FOX have on their new production slates, and which series they have put out to pasture. Bad news for fans of Jericho, though.

16 mins 05 secs: BLAKE’S 7 AUDIO ADVENTURES INTERVIEW – Mark Withall catches up with DEREK RIDDALL, the new Blake in the series, exclusively for the Cult TV Insider. Hear the new adventures on www.scifi.co.uk.

23 mins 50 secs: AMERICAN TV NEWS – PART 2. We continue our indepth look at what’s new and what’s departed from the USA television line-ups, looking at NBC, the CW and other American Channels. There’s great news for Heroes, but confusion surrounds the fate of Veronica Mars.

43 mins 55 Secs: TV THEMED MUSIC OF THE WEEK. Rockdown Baby return to play their song Soul Connection.

46 mins 35 secs: UK TV NEWS. Abigail’s Party revisited for the 21st Century, CBBC buys Wolverine, Channel 4 is not going to invest so much in import shows in future, and Starsky & Hutch and Fantasy Island get the minisode treatment for the internet!

53 mins 35 secs: BLAKE’S 7 AUDIO ADVENTURES INTERVIEW. Mark Withall stops ALISTAIR LOCKE on the way to the pub - Alistair is Sound Designer and Voice of Zen for the new series - he talks exclusively to the Cult TV Insider.

1 hour 1 min 10 secs: COMICS ON THE BIG SCREEN – the latest news on the casting for the new Hulk movie, and Frank Miller’s Ronin looks to be coming to the cinema.

1 hour 2 mins 50 secs: THE CURIOSITY ZONE – News of a Universal City Dubailand, who won the Saturn Awards, and Fox objects to spoof THE O.J. SIMPSONS.

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