25 April 2010

Cult TV Insider - May 2010 - Director Chris Atkins talks about Star Suckers

SHOW NOTES:  WELCOME TO THE NEW SEASON OF THE CULT TV INSIDER - Back after far too long away!  We start with an interview with Director Chris Atkins, whose documentaries challenge your view of the world.

The most controversial film of the year, Starsuckers is a hilarious and shocking exposé of the celebrity obsessed media. Director Chris Atkins – BAFTA-nominated for Taking Liberties – uncovers the reasons for our addiction to fame and blows the lid on the people who deal it out.

The film became front page news when it was revealed that Atkins had sold fake celebrity stories to all the tabloids (including a tale about Amy Winehouse’s hair catching fire), and had secretly filmed "red top" journalists trying to buy medical records. Another sting caught Max Clifford on undercover camera boasting about his clients. When Clifford found out, he threatened to get a court order to shut down the film.

Starsuckers climaxes in a damning critique of Bob Geldof’s "Live Aid", and reveals the explosive truth behind the star-studded "Live 8" concerts in 2005. By pulling down the wizard’s curtain of the celebrity machine, Atkins shows how the news and PR collude to manipulate the public. This critically acclaimed film is a terrifying and darkly funny portrayal of how the cult of fame is damaging our lives.

Just released by Network DVD after having appeared on the More4 Channel in an edited version, here Cult TV's Alex J Geairns interviews Chris Atkins about some of the controversies surrounding the film, and even get to talk about Patrick McGoohan and The Prisoner!

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