03 January 2007


We get ever closer to recording - which is scheduled to happen this weekend - trialling all the equipment, getting things to work as they should and so forth. And then, well, we'll see...

There are a huge number of books out and about on podcasting, and a whole host of new ones scheduled for release in the next few months. It would seem that we really are on the cusp of something big which is taking off in a BIG way. The great thing is that no-one's doing it the way that we are aiming to, which means at least we will be unique.

Anyhow, having just finished a book on the whole cabooodle that really gives you all the content and follow-up details you'll ever need, we can recommend "Tricks of the Podcasting Masters by Robert Walch and Mur Lafferty. Essential and inspiring!

More to come, folks, watch this space....

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