14 January 2007


We're ready to roll! The 50 minute double-episode first programme of CULT TV INSIDER has been completed.

As this is our "pilot", then it is nowhere near what the regular series will end up being - so, we're not making a big fuss about this issue, but we hope you'll enjoy it and find out something you didn't know already by listening in...

You can find it at the following location:



Here's your guide to what you can find in the first issue, which is a NEWS SPECIAL, due to the sheer volume of stuff that's happening at the moment, a few bits of which you may not have heard about.

1 min 30 secs: 2006 RATINGS IN REVIEW. Who were the big winners in last year's UK television ratings? There are some surprises in store as to which channels did well!

2 mins 50 secs: CULT TV FESTIVAL WEEKENDER. Hot news about a new date, and a new venue, and the details behind the decision.

9 mins 40 secs: WEEKENDER OFFERS FREE CLUB ROOMS. Got a fan club or group? Want somewhere to meet up with your fellow members? Here's something to take notice of!

11 mins 30 secs: HOW TO GET FURTHER INFORMATION ON THE CULT TV WEEKENDER. We're revving up for you attentions - find out how to get in touch!

12 mins 35 secs: NEW CHARITY CHOSEN FOR 2007. Who are Cult TV raising funds for this year?

15 mins 00 secs: HEROES PREVIEW. Just what is this new hot show about to screen on SCI FI in the UK all about?

19 mins 00 secs: COMING SOON TO THE UK - PART 1. Including Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip.

21 mins 40 secs: THE RETURN OF LOST. Only a couple of weeks to wait until the return of the series to UK screens.

24 mins 10 secs: NEW UK TV PROJECTS OF NOTE. Will it be the case of "The Brits Are Coming" in TV circles, too?

25 mins 05 secs: HIDDEN GEM OF THE WEEK. Which show gets our prize?

25 mins 45 secs: MID-TERM USA PILOT SEASON REPORT. Some of the programme ideas that are going into production inspected for signs of life!

34 mins 45 secs: OBSCENE GOSSIP. News of a former Buck Rogers, and a wrangles over the rights to Charlie's Angels involving Jonathan Hart himself!

38 mins 10 secs: COMING SOON TO THE UK - PART 2. News of The Dresden Files, and the return of RESCUE ME and BONES.

44 mins 15 secs: TV SONG OF THE WEEK. We seek out vaguely TV-related podsafe music from the internet - here's "Scott Bakula" by Sunspot.

48 mins 30 secs: CLOSING CREDITS - including our theme song by Alamantra.

Hope you enjoy it - feedback always appreciated!

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